Providers of Green Building Consulting, CCTV,
Home Safety & Surveillance and Home Automation

Surmount Energy is a leader in Green Building Consulting; Automation Solutions for Home, Township & Offices; and CCTV, Home Safety & Surveillance. Its services and solutions currently serve 2.2 million sq. meters of space in India across 100’s of new and existing buildings.

We are uniquely different in our ability to enable buildings that are Green for Life through our offerings of Building Automation Solutions, Lifecycle Management and Operation Technologies and Green Building Consulting Services. We are an ECBC expert architectural / consulting organization and member of USGBC, IGBC, ASHRAE, ISHRAE, ISLE and various other professional organizations and trade bodies. We serve the largest developers and governmentbodies in India and various architects and engineers in the U.S. Our goal is to not only create green homes, green buildings and green township but ensure that they operate that way throughout their lifetime.

Being a pioneer for green and sustainable construction, its headquarters has been awarded LEED® platinum by the U.S. Green Building Council. USGBC has awarded LEED® Commercial Interiors Platinum Rating to Surmount Energy for its Corporate office located in the CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai. This office is located in a 19 year old, public building that sits atop the CBD Belapur Railway station.

BuildTrack™ is a brand of solutions offered by Surmount Energy that are aimed to serve variety of needs of Property Developers and Managers. BuildTrack™ Solutions include Home, Township and Workplace Automation, CCTV, Home Safety & Surveillance and Property & Facility Management Software. The BuildTrack™ brand of Home Automation solutions offered by Surmount communicates emergencies instantaneously via online, e-mail and SMS options to the owner or other authorized parties, thereby providing the ability to react quickly to them. This solution also offers conveniences such as video door phones and remote controlled switches for lighting and other purposes.The automation solutions offered by Surmount under the BuildTrack™ brand are designed to meet the safety, security, comfort or convenience needs in a broad range of residential, commercial or retail situations.

Today,Surmount Energy is a leader in Green Building Consulting; Automation Solutions for Home, Township & Offices; and CCTV, Home Safety & Surveillance. Surmount has worked on over 90 projects successfully with prominent developers such as IndiaBulls, Wadhwa, Hubtown, Orbit Groups and with leading MNC’s such as Colgate and Siemens. Mr. Khera is proud to be the CEO of Surmount which has recently achieved the highest Green rating—LEED Platinum for Green Commercial Interiors, granted by the United States Green Building Council.

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