Residential real estate marketing solutions

Net savvy prospects have changed Residential Real Estate Marketing... Let us help you step up to them can help residential real estate agents like you to create high-impact marketing materials for your residential real estate listings in an easy way. Now your voice will cut above all the noise in the market and reach out to your prospective home-buyers, thanks to’s innovative marketing tools. These tools let you build interactive marketing materials for your house for sale listing in a jiffy! You can host virtual open-houses, showcase your residential listing’s pictures in impressive photo gallery and publish your listing on Social Media sites such as Facebook, Vast, Twitter and more, for increased exposure.

Commercial real estate marketing solutions

Take control of your marketing material…become a better marketer today!

Selling commercial real estate listing takes a lot of effort. Commercial real estate brokers always have to be on the top of the game, constantly engaging prospects and following up with them until a deal is closed. has all the tools you’ll need as a commercial RE broker to engage in pro-active commercial real estate marketing. Whether it is use of Social Media, Personalization or Interactive Marketing Material, can help you succeed. With, you will be in control of your marketing materials, creating them on-demand…without a designer!

Yacht marketing solutions

Are you a boat broker wondering how to rise above all the noise created by your competitors? We are the solution…

With competition rampant in the boat and yacht listing marketing field, making your voice heard can be a challenge. This competitive environment dictates that as a successful yacht or boat broker, you need to adopt next generation marketing tools to establish your brand and drive sales. provides an array of tools that helps you gain an edge over your competitors and enables you to market your yachts or boats listing better. So be it luxury yacht or cheap yachts for sale or a new/second hand yachts for rent, Newplans will help you market your listing better and faster.

RV marketing solutions

Presenting a set of marketing tools that are as unique as RV marketing

We know that even though RVs are vehicles, RV listing marketing is a far cry from marketing automobiles—it’s more like marketing of a home and a car put together. With over 75% of trailer and new motor home buyers using the internet to find RVs of their choice, it has now become imperative that RV marketers like you use web-based marketing tools and technology that increase the exposure of your RV listing online. Using, you can market your RV listings like never before. Interactive web-technologies and innovative social media marketing tools will make sure your listing be it Class A, B or C motorhome, small or used RV attracts attention, so that you can close deals faster!

Bed & Breakfast marketing solutions

The modern traveler is looking for you…Reach out before your competitors do…

As a B&B owner you already know that placing a sign near your lodging is simply not enough anymore! Hospitality and tourism industry is constantly evolving and Bed-and-Breakfast (B&B) segment is no exception. Being in one of the fastest growing segments of business today, B&B owners like you face competition not only from other B&B's, but also from other budget lodgings, motels and hotels that are mushrooming fast. can aid you well to outpace your competitors by offering you a range of next generation marketing tools that diversify your reach, help you stand out in the crowd and approach your prospects in an innovative and appealing manner.

Innovative marketing solutions

Next generation marketing calls for next generation solutions…

Marketing 2.0 is all about engaging the prospects—having a conversation with them and interacting with them. Old school marketing techniques don't work anymore. Next generation marketing calls for a holistic approach towards marketing media. Interactive marketing material, Social Media Marketing, Content Syndication, Multi-Channel Distribution and Personalization have to be woven into the marketing strategy. At, we simplify Next Generation Marketing, by bringing the multiple elements of Marketing 2.0 on a single platform so that you can effectively and easily engage in next generation marketing.

Custom branded templates

Let your brand do the speaking… offers a range of well-designed templates that you can use to create your presentations and e-mail campaigns. However, if you wish to have templates customized to reflect your brand or product/service, we can help. Our team of experienced and creative experts can design templates that meet your branding standards, which you can use when generating marketing material using

Marketing design support services

You can focus on the big picture by allowing us plug in the smaller gaps

Running a business not only involves concentrating on the big picture, but also fitting in the smaller pieces of the puzzle. Trying to do everything in-house can pose a challenge. Newplans offers various support services that can help your business function more effectively. At Newplans, there’s a host of support services to help your business grow.

Custom Templates

Get custom branded templates

Get custom templates designed to encompass all your marketing needs.

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