Commercial Real Estate Email Marketing Tool

E-Mail marketing is the most effective form of advertising today. Email marketing helps you to stay in constant touch with your customer base and prospects prompting them to come back to you. It helps you to measure the number of emails opened by your recipients and the number of times your embedded links were clicked. By enabling you to measure the level of your recipient’s interest, email marketing campaigns help you to alter your strategies to boost the response rates.

Newplans Commercial Real Estate Email Marketing Campaigns

Newplans email marketing tool enables you to send out email campaign as soon as you create your commercial property website. With multiple templates to choose from, email campaign has never been easy and impactful. The icing on the cake is the video embedded in your email so that your prospects are not only reading your email content but are also listening to you talk about it.

Check out our advanced email marketing tool with the ability to edit email templates,
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